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Copywriting isn’t about hard sell
It isn’t about puns and clichés
Copywriting is about using words cleverly to make others want to engage with you

All advertising is based on words
Get the words right, and people will want to get in contact with you and do business with you. Good copywriting is about understanding your target customers and connecting with their psyche. It turns a prospect into a customer.

Website content
You have probably invested in the design of your website. But in a market full of beautiful websites, the design alone won’t keep someone on your site for more than a few seconds. You need the right words to make a prospect to want to connect with you. And become a customer.

Marketing copy
It can be challenging to create a successful sales letter, a product brochure, an email, a press release or a flyer. WordSure will help you to generate winning ideas, write copy that generates sales, or make sure that what you have already written will work.

Content marketing
Just about everyone has outgrown the hard sell. People are much more interested in getting to know and trust a company and its ethos. And this now often starts with providing useful information for free. Some people will read that information and move on. But a good number will gain enough trust in your company to want to do business with you.

Clever and creative copywriting adds personality to your brand and gives the all-important lasting first impression
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Ilsa was able to create punchy copy that retained my own personality but delivered on effectiveness, including a great sales letter and leaflet that not only read well, but achieved really good results! I would certainly recommend Ilsa and WordSure to anyone wanting to get the best results from their sales literature.
Helen, Jet The Dog