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Proofreading and Copy-editing


Any type of written material will appear clearer and more professional after it has been checked by a good

This isn’t about picking you up on your grammar – proofreading helps improve the whole look and feel of a document. For a concise list of the things any good proofreader checks, click here.

Just some of the benefits:

  • Avoiding errors can prevent the need for costly reprints
  • Making text clearer and easier to read makes a big difference to the way you are viewed by customers
  • Professionally proofread copy ensures that you’re conveying the message you want to

I would like to say how pleased I was with the proofreading work Ilsa did for me for my thesis … Not only was the English sorted out but I was also pleased and surprised at some of the very helpful suggestions to improve the readability of the document. Having that fresh pair of eyes was extremely valuable in helping me pass and achieve a long-standing goal of a Doctorate.
Dr Tony Barr


Copy-editing involves all the standard proofreading improvements, as well as a load of extra checks.
Copy-editing also helps improve:

  • content and structure
  • style of writing
  • consistency within a document
  • consistency with house style
  • illustrations
  • factual accuracy
  • suitability and relevance of content
  • potential legal issues

Copy-editing can help you to make vast improvements to the readability, content and layout of anything you have written.

I can’t speak highly enough of the work that Ilsa produced for BOTH our books (my husband’s and my own). She was an invaluable part of our team, and she allowed our thoughts/meaning to come across in a more precise and effective manner. Ilsa contributed endlessly with her time and editing skills, and kept the flow of the material all the way through the books.
Chantal Stuart

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How WordSure can help you

  • Clients immediately have a better impression of a company if marketing material is well presented
  • Books that are carefully checked have a significantly higher chance of success
  • Students can get higher grades if they get help in expressing their ideas more clearly

. . . Proofreading and copy-editing help to improve just about any type of text
Many people wonder if it’s really worth employing a proofreader or copy-editor.
You might have worked laboriously on what you have written and checked it carefully a number of times.
Nearly everyone is surprised by how their documents can be improved by a fresh pair of eyes.

See how it works – free check (with no further obligation)

I will be more than happy to check a sample of your work so you can see the kinds of improvements that can be made.
Simply go to the contact page and send me a page or two of the document you’ve created. I will highlight the improvements that could be made and return the work to you.
You won’t be bombarded with sales calls after that – I’ll just look forward to hearing from you if you want any further work done.

How the checks are completed

While I am trained to correct in the traditional way – making changes by hand on hardcopy – nearly all checks are now completed electronically.
If a document is in Word, I will highlight errors and suggestions for improvement using Tracked Changes, which shows exactly what has been changed and allows you to accept or reject any changes. I’ll also send you a ‘near-final’ version, with all my changes accepted, in case you agree with all the suggestions I’ve made.
If a document is in PDF (Portable Document Format), where changes can’t be made to the text, sticky notes can be added to the relevant places in the text, to show what needs to be changed.

The simple process

  1. You send me the document(s) you want to have checked, including details about your deadline and any special requirements
  2. I send you a maximum* quote
    *If the work takes less time than estimated, I will be genuinely pleased to invoice for less (but never more)
    Note: I don’t quote per word or per page – the time taken depends on a wide range of factors, such as style of content and types of checks required
  3. If you want to go ahead, I will complete the work and return it to you to review before your deadline
    I am always happy explain any of the changes or answer any further questions, until you are perfectly happy with your document

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